Always On The Leading Edge The PLG STR Series allows for the simple, easy upgrade of the LED light engine without changing the form factor or aesthetics of the fixture. Essentially, fixtures are serviced / upgraded without replacing the entire fixture. This yields the best economics for an owner post-cashflow projections, or after the payback period is met. Easily Replaceable Light Engine The light engine of the STR series streetlight is contained in a single board that is replaced with approximately 4 screws (depending on model) and a quick connect electrical connection. This allows for the MOST economical upgrade of the LED light engine after the effect life of the LED has passed (100,000 hours) Never Become Obsolete LED Technology is improving at a rate faster then specifiers can keep up. By the time a LED fixture is thoroughly vetted and incorporated into standards and specifications, it is already dated technology and soon to become obsolete. With the PLG STR Series luminaire, the same specified fixture can last through several generations of LED advancement. Please contact our sales team directly for information and ordering of custom product configurations.